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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

“Admirals Ruiz, Adislo, and Meyer, Commodore Sovak, Captains Ibanez, Hernandez, and Ma'Reth, thank you for your time. I am here to present to you Project: Hartmann, a joint proposal from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Daystrom Institute, Annapolis Office of Starfleet Tactics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Swift Military Technologies, and the West Point Tactical and Strategic Affairs Commission, The proposal is on your PADDs to help you follow along.” said Janeway as the projector flashed the logos of each of the organizations that Jake had mentioned on the screen. “In light of the Siege of Trion Prime, there have been many developments in terms of tactics. The Borg Remnant, before their fleet's surrender, illustrated tactics that were extremely effective against all levels of capital ships from frigates to cruisers to destroyers. These tactics were modified carrier tactics. Using Borg drones specifically designed for spaceflight, they attacked in groups of four, overwhelming the firing arcs of all but Guided Weapon Defense type vessels, and even then a group of eight could overwhelm even the best gunnery computer. With almost every major power in the galaxy having developed or deployed fighter craft of their own and the dissolution of the Galactic Union, the threat of Federation starships facing an enemy fighter attack is increasing every day. With the exploration of the Andromeda galaxy, it is becoming extremely....” Janeway stopped as an aide came in and handed a PADD to Captain Hernandez. “Something I should know, Captain?”

“No, by all means, continue Commander,” replied Hernandez as she all but sneered at Janeway. Ok, there's one person that I'm never gonna get on my side. She then put the PADD down and returned her attention to the briefing.

“As I was saying, with the exploration of the Andromeda galaxy, it is becoming extremely likely that Federation and Allied starships will eventually face an Andromedan power with fighters. While some are calling for research into more advanced targeting, tracking, and interception components and computers. The organizations I represent, on the other hand, are of a different mind. We think that the best course of action is a tactic that was created by the British, American, and to a certain extent, Japanese, navies. This tactic is carrier warfare,” Janeway stated. “With the collaboration of Swift, SCE, and myself, we have designed both a starfighter craft and a pod that can be attached to either the Nebula, Ronin, Kelvin Refit, Concorde, Charleston, Commonwealth Refit, Armada, and Aquiescent classes and subclasses. This pod contains two hangars with two low power tractor beam projectors, eight point defense turrets with their ammunition supplies, and a Spaceborne Warning and Control System sensor suite with a command section, as well as repair and maintenance facilities. This is a design of the pod showing all the components and the layout of the pod. This is the Razor class Strike Fighter, a one man fighter, developed by M.I.T.'s engineering department, SCE's Commodore Scott, and myself. It is armed to the teeth, with six miniature pulse phaser cannons, four quantum/transphasic micro-torpedo launchers with one hundred micro-torpedoes per launcher, and six torpedoes of any type with one launcher,” Jake continued as he looked around for responses and reaction, but his stony faced audience betrayed no emotion, so he resumed the presentation, “The carrier pod shown here can carry six full squadrons of twelve fighters a squadron. With the design of the carrier pod, a designated carrier ship would be able launch her fighters in 15 seconds flat, unlike the more traditional “shuttlecarrier” which takes close to 10 minutes to launch her shuttles. In simulations, a squadron of Razors was able to destroy three Intrepid II Light Battleships with minimal casualties of their own at only 5 ships loss. While this may seem indicative of being unprepared to face this threat, that is only partially true; it demonstrates the firepower and capability of the fighters. In another simulation, we had a flight of four Razors defend a small tactical group of fifteen ships from a group of twelve Breen cruisers modified as a torpedo cruisers. While our tactical group slightly outnumbered the Breen, the Breen's torpedo armament outclassed our ships. Defending them from multiple torpedo strikes, the Razors managed to act as point defense weapon platforms, eliminating enough enemy torpedoes that the tactical group was able to destroy almost all the Breen, with only one ship disabled.”

“May I interrupt, Commander Janeway?” asked Sovak, with a raised hand, “What exactly allows the Razors to be able to intercept the torpedoes, because most target/intercept computers are too large to fit on anything smaller than a frigate chassis? After all, these computers are exceedingly powerful.”

“With the help of Swift's, M.I.T.'s, and the Daystrom Institute's computer research departments, we managed to shrink target/intercept computers by 300%. Also, we decreased the amount of targets it could track at one time from 96 to 48 torpedoes/missiles. This allows the computer to be mounted on fighter type craft or runabouts,” Janeway said as he pointed to the illustration of the new computer.

“I have a question, Commander?” asked Vice Admiral Adislo with a grimace.”These fighter craft, what makes them better than standard runabouts or shuttles? They are far easier and cheaper to produce,” Adislo inquired.

“The weaponry, shielding, and armor give it an excellent edge over any runabout or shuttle, and it is the only craft below a frigate that is equipped with quantum warp drive, making it the fastest small craft in the fleet. This makes it an excellent scouting platform. It is also the first ship of its size to be equipped with an ablative armor generator. Its sensor suite is extremely sophisticated, much better than anything in its class, other than a runabout configured for science duty, and no runabout is as heavily armed,” replied Janeway.

“Commander, what is the cost per unit? Both for the hangar pod and the Razor?” asked Admiral Ruiz.

“The hangar pod costs approximately 10,000,000 Federation credits or 1,000,000 latinum pieces. The fighter is approximately 1,000,000 or 100,000 per unit,” said Jake as he gestured at the graphs.

“So in total, for a test squadron and carrier platform, we're talking about 22,000,000 credits? This is ridiculous, I'm sick of listening to this farce of a Starfleet commander!” shouted Captain Hernandez, fuming.

“Excuse me, Captain, may I ask what you are talking about?” replied Commodore Sovak with a quizzical look.

“This officer is barely legitimate. He was just court-martialed for dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming a Starfleet officer!” shouted Hernandez, as she nodded to her aide, an ensign, who handed out datacards, “These datacards contain the personnel and court-martial records of Commander Jacob Calvin Janeway.”

“You may outrank me, Captain, but my personnel records are sealed and for good reason,” replied Janeway, concealing his contempt. Stay calm, for now, at least.

“Recommended by then Commanders Thomas Paris and Harry Kim, now COs of the Indiana and Rhode Island, is that correct, Commander?” asked Captain Hernandez.

“That is correct, Captain,” replied Janeway, holding his tongue and his temper in check.

“Why did they recommend you?” she asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

“At the time, Lt. Cmdr. Paris and Lt. Kim were my flight instructors, they taught me to fly shuttlecraft as well as old Terran fighter aircraft. They both thought I would be an asset to Starfleet as a helm officer,” replied Janeway, as cool as possible, despite knowing what was next.

“Ok, then, just a few baseline questions out of the way. Now, is it correct that you were ruled responsible for USS Musashi's loss at the Siege of Trion Prime?” Hernandez spat.

“No, the court-martial proceeding determined that I was not at fault for the loss of the Musashi,” began Janeway and he was about to continue, but was cut off.

“Isn't it also true that this isn't the first time you were court-martialed?” asked Hernandez as she came out from behind the desk.

“Yes,” said Janeway, offering no further details.

“It was after you were implicated in a plot to kill President Picard, correct?” she asked, venomously.

“Yes, but the charges were dropped after my Marine company proved the charges false.” replied Janeway, struggling with keeping his anger from getting the best of him.

“Don't you mean the SPECOPS Delta detachment? You were a member, were you not?” she probed.

“I don't remember. However, I do seem to recall that my mother called for your court-martial in 2394 after you, quite frankly, screwed up a delicate follow up for a first contact with the Yeartin,” Janeway let fly, “In fact, you were demoted for conduct unbecoming, if I remember correctly.”

“I.... I.... I.....” Hernandez stammered, shock on her face.

“Enough of this, both of you! We will consider your proposal, Commander Janeway, after we confer with Command,” Admiral Ruiz said, cutting them both off.

“Understood, thank you for your time. Admirals, Commodore, Captains,” replied Jake, nodding to each of them, turning about, and confidently walked out of the room. What a colossal waste of time...
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