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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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Awesome! What were some others?
I don't remember exactly, and I couldn't do them justice. Your best bet is to track down the series and watch it yourself.

Personally, I used to always be bothered by why the giant monsters never seemed to attack the Megazord during the seemingly vulnerable transformation stage.
Oh, that's just basic henshin etiquette. You never attack during the transformation -- it would be impolite!

Although in Toei's prototype giant-transforming-robot show, which bizarrely was a Japanese version of Spider-Man, they actually had the monster attack mid-transformation in the second episode. Or rather, Spidey had a flying car that he travelled to the giant spaceship/robot in, and the monster fired on the car to prevent it from docking with the ship, at least for a little while.

BTW, speaking of Zords, I have a long-delayed rant coming about that red battle-Zord that Billy gave to Tommy on Power Rangers Zeo. Here, after several years of perfectly functional, conventional Zords, Billy tries to reinvent the wheel with a Zord controlled by telepathy. Unfortunately, because it's controlled by telepathy, it doesn't work right when Tommy is under stress. So since he can't stop angsting about his newly retconned long-lost brother, his new Zord can't fight for shit.
Well, of course, they were constrained by the stock footage from Ohranger, the show adapted into Zeo. In the original story, it was the Red Puncher, a robot that "was sealed away after an incident in which it went berserk and killed its original pilot." (The Super Sentai shows had a whole lot more violence and death than the Power Rangers shows adapted from them.) The writers of Zeo were stuck with the footage of the Red Ranger struggling to master the berserk giant robot, and they had to come up with a new story justification for it.

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IIRC, they were considering a Bulk & Skull spin-off. It's the reason why Power Rangers Zeo ends with that weird bit where they get recruited to be French spies. This was supposed to lead into the spin-off, but they canned it since they couldn't come up with more than a few episode ideas. That's why all was conveniently forgotten in the next movie.
I'd forgotten about that part. There is an odd lacuna between the end of Zeo and the Turbo movie -- not just Bulk & Skull, but Zedd & Rita triumphantly returning at the end of Zeo and then suddenly going into retirement in time for Turbo. If I were the type to write fanfiction, I probably would've come up with a story to bridge the gap.
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