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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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BTW, what did you mean by, "It was dark, but it was also funny, with great witty dialogue (Guzelian has a knack for it) and hilarious, biting deconstructions of longstanding Power Rangers tropes. Yet even as the show made fun of PR conventions, it simultaneously managed to concoct almost plausible-sounding scientific explanations for them reconstructing even as it deconstructed"? What kind of conventions did it deconstruct?
Everything. Every cliche of the previous fifteen years of Power Rangers. The multicolored costumes, the transformation phrases, the animalistic giant robot vehicles, every trope and silly stylistic gimmick you can think of. The most brilliant and hilarious example was an episode that made use of the gimmick of having random explosions go off behind the Rangers when they transform and pose. They rationalized it as a release of excess energy from the transformation process. And then, when the other Rangers were menaced by the monster of the week, the Blue Ranger figured out he could use this effect -- by transforming with his back to the monster!!
Awesome! What were some others?

Personally, I used to always be bothered by why the giant monsters never seemed to attack the Megazord during the seemingly vulnerable transformation stage. At least, on Power Rangers in Space, it looked like the Astro-Megazord had some sort of shield around it while it transformed.

BTW, speaking of Zords, I have a long-delayed rant coming about that red battle-Zord that Billy gave to Tommy on Power Rangers Zeo. Here, after several years of perfectly functional, conventional Zords, Billy tries to reinvent the wheel with a Zord controlled by telepathy. Unfortunately, because it's controlled by telepathy, it doesn't work right when Tommy is under stress. So since he can't stop angsting about his newly retconned long-lost brother, his new Zord can't fight for shit. It's like those bio-neural gel-packs from Star Trek: Voyager. They were supposedly faster than traditional circuits but they seemed to get infected every other week.
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