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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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While Power Rangers Turbo was one of the weaker series, I loved the 2nd half of it, with Hilary Shepherd Turner as Divatox. (Trekkies here would remember her as that slutty member of the Jack Pack in "Statistical Probabilities" & "Chrysalis.") She was great fun as the villain. "Viva La Diva!!!"
Yeah, Turner's Divatox was the best PR villain ever. Nobody ever enjoyed being evil quite so much, or was so much fun to watch being evil.
I'm not entirely sure I'd call her the best villain ever. I've still got a soft spot for ol' Lord Zedd.

But you're right that no one else can play a fun villain like Turner. There's one episode I remember in particular, where she was holding auditions for new monsters. Just the way she got so exasperated with the moronic auditioners was pure comedy gold.

It's ironic that I can talk about this show so (relatively) openly now. I remember back when I was in middle school, my best friend & I loved the show so much. His parents bought him nearly every toy in the line from the beginning of the series all the way up through Power Rangers in Space. Yet we both felt like we were a few years too old to watch the show respectably. We were closet Power Rangers fans, always terrified that one of our classmates would discover our secret and destroy our social standing forever. It got so bad that, when we went to the theater to see Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, I thought up an alibi in case anyone we knew saw us there. Lo & behold, we did end up running into a P.E. classmate of mine. When he asked us what movie we saw, without a beat, I lied, "The Empire Strikes Back."
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