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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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Speaking of MF, one of the problems that a lot of the PR fandom has with it is that most of the 'focus' was on the character of Nick at what many felt was the expense of the others.
That's fair, particularly where Madison is concerned; in fact, they even lampshaded their underuse of Madison by doing an episode about her feeling that she wasn't contributing enough to the team. But I feel the other Rangers aside from her were handled about as well as was typical. I'd say that it's pretty routine for the lead Ranger to get the most development and the other teammates less so. And Nick's story arc was one of the more interesting Red Ranger arcs.

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The current reruns on ABC add new, lame effects to the old episodes. Hell, there are times when it feels like they're turning it into the old Batman TV show with "Biff," "Pow," & "Wham" superimposed on the screen.
I'm not entirely sure, but I have the vague recollection that this "enhanced" version of MMPR was actually made over a decade ago when the reruns were syndicated or repackaged or something. So if I'm right about that, it's not ABC's or Disney's fault, except in that they chose to go with this edition rather than the original.

It's too bad I find the interpolations so annoying. As much as I hated the writing in the first season, it would be enjoyable to revisit the old gang, especially Kimberly and Trini.

While Power Rangers Turbo was one of the weaker series, I loved the 2nd half of it, with Hilary Shepherd Turner as Divatox. (Trekkies here would remember her as that slutty member of the Jack Pack in "Statistical Probabilities" & "Chrysalis.") She was great fun as the villain. "Viva La Diva!!!"
Yeah, Turner's Divatox was the best PR villain ever. Nobody ever enjoyed being evil quite so much, or was so much fun to watch being evil.
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