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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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I've been wanting a reboot of the original US series for years. I think they could really skew a revival towards a slightly older audience.
Haven't they already done this, or were at leats planning it? A remastering of the original series with some flashy effects and so on, or were you talking about a bit more than that? Rewrites etc etc
That actually sounds really appealing to me.
The current reruns on ABC add new, lame effects to the old episodes. Hell, there are times when it feels like they're turning it into the old Batman TV show with "Biff," "Pow," & "Wham" superimposed on the screen. Plus, they're taking too long getting through the early episodes and re-rerunning the early episodes. Most of the episodes before the Green Ranger showed up were shite.

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I saw most of Dino Thunder and will say it does its share of winks and nudges, the only one that comes to mind that isn't too much of a spoiler is Tommy commentating on the Rnagers fashion/colour choices.

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If nothing else--release whole seasons on DVD. You could even nix Turbo's rep by releasing one half with the departing MMPR vets (as part of Zeo), and the other half along with the intro to Space. Channel, DVD--whatever--there is a base, and Disney never moved to exploit it. It kind of reminds me of Lincoln's comments to McClellan about the Army Of The Potomac--if you're not using it, can I borrow them?
While I suspect that much of the show that I loved when I was 12 will not hold up now that I'm 27, I'd still like to see them release some more of the old stuff on DVD, like everything up through Power Rangers in Space.

While Power Rangers Turbo was one of the weaker series, I loved the 2nd half of it, with Hilary Shepherd Turner as Divatox. (Trekkies here would remember her as that slutty member of the Jack Pack in "Statistical Probabilities" & "Chrysalis.") She was great fun as the villain. "Viva La Diva!!!"

I'll also have to disagree with the drooling over Kimberly. She was cute, but it's all about Kathrine! Tall, blonde, leggy, a sexy Austrailian accent, what's not to love? I'd also like to give a shout out to Ashley, Cassie, & Astronema from Power Rangers in Space!
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