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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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^ I was trying to reccommend seasons of the franchise that the majority of the PR fandom considers to be of decent to high quality. I would personally agree with you regarding Mystic Force, but am in a distinct minority there.
I'm surprised. I thought it had one of the better storylines and one of the more consistently effective and appealing casts. And while Jungle Fury had its problems (such as a failure to develop the Rhino Ranger effectively and an overly abrupt resolution to some things), I thought it worked well overall.

Speaking of NS, I've got a suggestion for yuou based on the comments you made in your blog: give it another chance, and this time, pay attention to the similarities between it and the first 3 seasons of MMPR, because the parallels are uncanny. Most of the PR fandom considers Dino Thunder to be the most 'MMPR-esque' of the later seasons in the franchise, but, for me, that distinction goes to NS, because nearly every single one of the characters is an analogue in some way to a character from MMPR.
That doesn't exactly recommend it to me. MMPR, from a writing and characterization standpoint, was the weakest of all the Power Rangers incarnations. The first season would've been unwatchable if not for its highly charismatic, photogenic, and athletically gifted cast.

And it's clear that NS was trying to be like MMPR, taking a comedic tone and focusing on hip teens, but the execution was very annoying and unfunny to me, and the cast was one of the least appealing.
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