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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

^ I was trying to reccommend seasons of the franchise that the majority of the PR fandom considers to be of decent to high quality. I would personally agree with you regarding Mystic Force, but am in a distinct minority there. Other series that I personally love that don't get a lot of appreciation from the PR fandom at large are Ninja Storm and Wild Force (although I haven't seen the latter in its entirety). Speaking of NS, I've got a suggestion for yuou based on the comments you made in your blog: give it another chance, and this time, pay attention to the similarities between it and the first 3 seasons of MMPR, because the parallels are uncanny. Most of the PR fandom considers Dino Thunder to be the most 'MMPR-esque' of the later seasons in the franchise, but, for me, that distinction goes to NS, because nearly every single one of the characters is an analogue in some way to a character from MMPR.
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