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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Been playing for about a week, now - suffice to say, STO rawks.

Can't get over how much Trek-tastic stuff there is to see and do - the team at Cryptic clearly know (and love) their Trek! Just went and bought the Prometheus bridge pack from the C-Store, because it looks so freakin' awesome - I'm still at Lt.8, so it'll be a while before I get to use it, but when I do, dayum...

I'd like to join the fleet, if there's room - if for no other reason that a group of Trek fans is more likely to have an appropriately 'canon'-looking fleet uniform and name (no day-glo body armour and 'xXAss-Kickers Fleet1272Xx' for me, thanks!).

My details:

Character@Handle: Shepherd@Commander_Shepherd

Current Rank: Lieutenant 8

Current Ship: USS Endeavour, NCC-101700 (Constitution class)

My character's mugshot (looks better in-game - as opposed to the 'sucking lemons' look here):

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