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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

Disney was foolish not to make use of this resource. Quality aside, age aside, you have 700 eps of air time you're not using, and if you add in all of Saban's lesser lights, it's gotta be in the 8's if not 1K area. Whole channels are run on less than this.

If nothing else--release whole seasons on DVD. You could even nix Turbo's rep by releasing one half with the departing MMPR vets (as part of Zeo), and the other half along with the intro to Space. Channel, DVD--whatever--there is a base, and Disney never moved to exploit it. It kind of reminds me of Lincoln's comments to McClellan about the Army Of The Potomac--if you're not using it, can I borrow them?

As to the appeal : Good goofy fun that occasionally transcends its limits.
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