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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Meet your new Captain:

NCIS's Abby - Pauley Perrette.

And, for the sake of maximizing the angst: she is secretly an alien from an "unallied world" (Could she possibly be... GASP! - a highly dangerous Romulan/Green Orion Animal-Woman hybrid?! ). She appears to have surreptitiously defected for some very credible reasons: however, only one member of the command, the ship's CMO knows her secret. (played by Seinfeld's Jason Alexander) All this, while her 1st officer (played by Joshua Jackson, of Fringe), who was passed over for command by her promotion, plots her ruin. - And although they will never admit it, they are both dangerously attracted to her eventually resulting in a conflicted triangle that puts the 2009 movie Kirk/Uhura/Spock thing to miserable shame. (great for epic, ongoing, plot complications!)
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