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Re: NBC cancels Law & Order

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Heck there is a German Cop show that started in 1978 (making it 32) and that as far as I know is still on the air, dwarfing both The Bill & L&O in the cop show genre.

Its also had more than a few spin-offs (including one that crossed over with the before mentioned The Bill)

Seems to be some confusion, I think its true, but its not 100% yet, if true this is a massive screw up by NBC

There is also Tatort with currently 770 episodes since 1970.

But it is made by a variety of regional networks, so it may not count as a series.
seems confusing, but at 40 years, it just goes to prove my point that NBC should not be making claims about L&O being the longest running cop drama, yet alone longest running drama, when I could name 2 cop shows that have run longer.
Im Proud of the BBC
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