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Re: NBC cancels Law & Order

I agree that they can't possibly be thinking of canceling with being so close to history. What defines a 'season'? We're not asking for 26 eps of drivel. If they only need 7 episodes than by gosh make it a mid season replacement 7 episode cross over storyline with one of the spin offs. What else does NBC have going for it anyway? The entire network could go black one night and it would take three days for the country to notice.

Although it would be amazing if Dick Wolf did get a deal on another network. I dare say that's what NBC is playing at, that a bidding war would jack up all the shows. NBC or Dick Wolf perhaps doesn't have the production money either is talking about. After all, Criminal Intent is already part and parcel with USA Network, isn't it? But that's still NBC universal still. I don't think the flagship channel would risk going to TNT, because that would make it the longest running prime time drama, but not the longest network prime time drama.

Geez, do 12 eps of the original and have those segway into the LA show. Why cancel one and start the other cold? NBC did all this dicking to Homicide years ago, given it a 4 episode second season. Twits.

Who is running NBC really. Is anyone? Is it a monkey? Heroes is in the toilet, Journeyman was cut, Crusoe was horrible. Didn't they do the new Bionic Woman and Knight Rider redos? Good God. They should go black. They don't have any soaps left either do they?
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