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Re: Circumstantial Evidence?

Brandonv wrote: View Post
At this point I see Star Trek XI as what I call a pseudo-reboot. What I mean by this: In the timeline that that Spock prime came from, the main events of TOS, TNG, ect, did happen, but other details where different. For example, the design and size of Federation ships.

The Narada looking like no Romulan ship we had seen before is fine with me. I just assume that it is a highly specialized mining ship, built for function instead of aesthetics.
Are you saying the universe that Spock Prime is from is an alternate Universe? What are you basing that on? It's not like we've seen every Federation or Romulan ship ever built. . .

Peter the Younger wrote: View Post
They said it was an alternate - as opposed to parallel - universe for one very specific reason: they thought that would go down easier for the fanbase.
Can you explain the difference between an Alternate Universe and a Parallel Universe? The way I see it, there is no difference; so maybe I'm missing something obvious?

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