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Re: Why did spock end up in the alternate universe??

You don't create a divergence point when you go forward in time, only when you go back. Thus the timeline was screwed up in "Shockwave" and "Yesterday's Enterprise" (but curiously not "Azati Prime" where Archer was taken briefly to the future without destroying it).

We clearly saw two versions of Captain Braxton in "Future's End". The second one actually said "I never experienced that timeline" to Janeway at the end.
We also saw different versions of Crewman Daniels in Enterprise, each from a different version of the future (at least one of whom died).

Need I mention the alternate timelines in "All Good Things", "Endgame", "Twilight" etc?

Star Trek has never had a single timeline. We've just, until now, seen the multiverse from the POV of one group of people down one branch of the timeline-tree.
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