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Re: NBC cancels Law & Order

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It's the record for longest-running prime-time drama in American broadcast history that its aiming for. There are other shows that have run for longer than Gunsmoke if you include other categories of programming. In the realm of American prime-time scripted programming, for instance, The Simpsons is currently in its 21st season and has been renewed for its 22nd season.
it has to be the US record, as The Bill lasted 27 years, another primetime cop show recently axed.

Heck there is a German Cop show that started in 1978 (making it 32) and that as far as I know is still on the air, dwarfing both The Bill & L&O in the cop show genre.

Its also had more than a few spin-offs (including one that crossed over with the before mentioned The Bill)

Seems to be some confusion, I think its true, but its not 100% yet, if true this is a massive screw up by NBC
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