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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Here we see the tardis as it spins in it's own relative Dimension, from each side angle.. you see the varying differences with the larger domed deck sections.. and the columns.

If you notice there are a few details I would like to point out..

the top of the columns have an energy field generator, kinda like a shield.. which forms a sort of ceiling..

below the tops of the columns, but still at the top, you see what looks like a grate of some kind, this is where the particle exhaust ports are, which is necessary for the ship to sustain the Artificial Dimension/reality bubble in which it the particles flow out of the top they form a ceiling of clouds visible from all the observation towers.. those particles flow downward as the Tardis spirals clockwise..

at the bottom of the ship you see a bulb.. this is the energy canon of sorts, which keeps the ship and the artificial dimension open to the time vortex, and subspace.. It focuses the Artificial Singularity's (Artificial eye of harmony's) gravitational pull..the fan like fingers above the bulb rotate in a counter clockwise direction and pull fresh particles up from the vortex.. those particles flow into the large bulb just above the cloister room at the base of the large dome.. you see it looks like rectangle ports..that is where the particle intake is, and those particles flow directly into the reaction chamber where they are charged and super collided at a tremendous speed which releases the Artron energy necessary for the ship to survive and thrive..


Chronitons (from the time Vortex)

Super collided into Atron Energy

This is kind a like a circle of life type deal.. in order for the Tardis to keep the hole to the vortex and subspace reality open, it must have an artificial singularity in the cloister room must then draw particles from the vortex and subspace to create Artron energy, which fuels every facet of the ship's functions.. and also aides the time lord pilot in regenerations..those particles then must be expelled to form the bubble of reality in which the Time ship exists in.

this entire package is referred to as a Time Capsule.. because it is within it's own time separate from the normal universe, and the general bubble formed by the ship creates a sort of oval (capsule) shape..and is self sustained and encapsulated..

the base of the columns you see what looks like an engine of sorts.. those are the Dynamorphic Generators, they warp space around the artificial Dimension and move the Tardis about space and time. At the base of the Bulb you see a devise which has "spinners" attached to it, these "spinners" are Universal Directional Gyros and spin in opposite directions as the ship moves in space and time, they are used to direct the energy flow of the warp field to keep the Tardis level and stable in flight.. they can allow for precise control, even for the ship to fly and hover just above the ground inf light in the atmosphere.. like in the Runaway bride..

any how here is the turn around image.. the Tardis has 4 sides.. it actually has a hexagon shape when viewed form above.. and yet has circular domes.. it matches the design of the interior in that way..(the console, the roundels, and the shape of the room itself..)

I Have also Provided a Large view for you to see if you want to view it in high def and all the detailing..

a 2nd file sheet showcasing the underside of the Tardis and this 2nd side view is coming soon.. for those who like the formal Data file format..

remember to go to my Deviant art page listed above if you want to download a big version of the data file 001.

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