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Re: NBC cancels Law & Order

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What the fuck are you doing NBC?!?!

Your new drama shows will fucking fail like every other fucking thing you fucking do these days! You are a failure of a network!

L&O on a Friday night with no ads on a forth place network got over seven million viewers! Sure the demo sucked, but that's 7 million viewers on a network no one give a fuck about! If they become any worse they would have to change their name is CW!

13 episode 21st season to "close" the show off, that's it. Break the record, have tons of ads about it, and when ALL of NBC's new dramas do horrible because they are crap then they have a back up to fill in the wholes.

I mean really, in the last several years the only hour long shows that made it more than a season have been Heroes and Chuck, really sad.
QFT! I could not agree with you more...what is wrong with the morons at NBC??? They have the best cast in YEARS, the writing has been terrific, and they are ONE year from breaking the record and NBC wants to cancel it? It makes no sense!

The show did very well on Fridays, like you said. The fans followed it there. Then they shuffle it to Mondays against Castle and CSI Miami. Of course NBC isn't going to get the same demos...if they cancel it because of this, I'll blow a gasket.

After the way they treated Conan over the Tonight show, I will be SOOO done with NBC if they cancel L&O....and I don't care if next fall's hit show is somehow, miraculously, on their network, I will not watch ever again.

Stupid NBC! I really hope that they will see the light and give it one more year... I'm so angry about this.
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