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Re: Law & Order: Los Angeles given 13 episode pick-up, other L&O News

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If any Law & Orders have to be canceled, then count me as another person who would prefer to see the original kept alive indefinitely!

As of the current (20th) season, L&O has already tied Gunsmoke's record for longest continuously running drama series. Let it *double* that record.

And keep it character-proof. That's what I like about L&O: its relative lack of characterization. TV shows these days have too much character. Too much whiny emo angst. A show that is not at all concerned with characters - that's a breath of fresh air. I've always viewed L&O as the Mr. Spock of tv shows.

Oh, and one other thing.


The occasional spinoff set in another city (such as London or L.A.) is fine, but never let the original deviate from NYC. Not only is it set there, it's bleeding well FILMED there! You don't get much of that anymore. When was the last time we saw a show that was not only set in New York, but shot there? L&O will always hold a special place in my heart, for that reason alone. (shit, why do you all think I love the US Life on Mars so much? )
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