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Re: Why Do Trekkies Love To Nitpick?

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I hate to generalize, but it seems to me most "hardcore" fans of any genre work have some kind of obsessive-compulsive or "nitpicky" personalities. Sounds like there's a good psychological study to be done here...
Off the top of my end I'd say the "nitpick" is a way of exerting control over something that the fan cares a lot about but has little to no control over.

A lot of fan behavior can probably be explained by that basic dynamic, including the common "permenantly disgruntled fan" who loves a franchise but hates everything that is being done with it/has been done with it recently/has been done with it since X moment in the franchise's history.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: "Each fan kills the thing he loves." Replace "kills" with "nitpicks" according to the severity of the syndrome.
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