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Re: Why did spock end up in the alternate universe??

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Spock slingshots backwards (in a ship other that the Mega-prise) to a point before Nero arrives when the two universes are still one. Then Spock slingshots forward into the future of the prime universe (his universe) to a point immediately after he left the future, Where the universe branches, he moves into the correct branch.
Sounds so easy a child could do it.

If time travel was that easy, everybody would be doing it.
In the Star Trek universe, it is pretty easy. Spock has done it several times himself. So he knows how to do it. But for some reason, he elected not to in this alternate universe.

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Neither universe is the Prime Universe, since both have different Stardate systems.
The writers decide that stardates should make sense now, and it gets used as "proof" that Nimoy Spock isn't from Classic Trek, undermining the whole point of his cameo.
Then the STXI writers should have done it right to begin with. If they actually expect anyone (well...TOS fans at least) to believe that OldSpock and Nero came from the Trekverse that we know and love, then they should have at least made some effort to connect it to the original. Instead, we got a completely different stardate system and a Kelvin that doesn't fit with the look or feel of the established universe. Unfortunately, the writers apparently thought the "target audience" they were aiming for was too dumb to understand that stardates weren't the same thing as gregorian dates. So yes, that gets used as proof, or at least circumstantial evidence, that OldSpock isn't from the Classic Trek universe.
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