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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

Voted for the Sisko, for pretty much the same reasons as the others.

-Competent administrator; running the station is kinda like being a first officer for a starship on the next order of magnitute in terms of balancing resources, running procedures, managing disputes. I'd like to see the other captains having to deal with that kind of work day in day out.
-Capable ship commander; his captaincy of the Defiant and Sau Paulo during the Dominion War are a testament to this.
-Tactician; one of the key planners on Admiral Ross' staff during the same war.
-Caring commander of crew; he's a lot more involved in the people under his command, taking part in crew celebrations, cultivating his officers (Nog and Worf) etc. His experience as being a father are probably part of this.
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