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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

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MLB--Any particular ones you're interested in hearing opinions on?

Gul Macet

Charvanek (the Romulan Commander from "The Enterprise Incident")

Klag (from "A Matter Of Honor" and now the ST:Klingon Empire novels)
I'm not as familiar with Charvanek or Klag, though I can say I would not be comfortable serving on a Klingon ship, regardless of who was commanding it. I do not believe I could integrate myself well in that culture.

Charvanek...I know little of her, but maybe.

Gul Macet--while obviously we don't get much of a read on him from the show, I do think the fact that he was willing to go for a solution that ended the war despite all sorts of provocation by Central Command against the Federation and all sorts of other provocation from Picard's naivete and arrogance, suggests he might well be a commander I could respect. He had the respect of his crew...yet he clearly had not put so much FEAR into them that Daro felt like he couldn't try to reach out to O'Brien. Again, hard to tell--but I think it might work, and that I could trust him to make decisions and to treat his people justly.
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