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Re: Circumstantial Evidence?

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You'll have to admit that Star Trek Eleven get no worst judgement than every other Star Trek movie and also all the episodes too. It simply is not being singled out. It gets some special notice partial because it is the most resent addition to Star Trek, also because in all honestly it is a deeply flawed movie. Not that the other works don't have flaws, just this one has more across the board.
Actually, this movie is no more or less flawed than any other Star Trek movie. . . you just don't happen to like this one, and that makes its flaws stand out to you. For instance, let's look at WoK, shall we? How does StarFleet lose a planet? . . . supposedly Chekov had met Khan (even though Koenig wasn't a cast member until the second season - but let's handwave that away). . . why doesn't HE remember that there was an extra planet in that system? I mean, after marooning one of the most dangerous persons in the history of Earth there, you'd think that someone would have put a warning beacon telling people to stay out of the system, or, I don't know, kept a closer eye on what was happening there. . . how can they use their sensors to pick up microbial life and MISS the humans standing less than 5 feet away? What is protomatter. . . it is never explained. . . how does a scientist of Carol Marcus' intelligence not know that her son used protomatter in her own experiment? What star is the Genesis planet orbiting?

I can go on and on, and I can do that for all of the Trek movies. . .if a movie is entertaining enough then people can forgive most flaws. . . obviously, a lot of people thought that Star Trek XI was entertaining. . .your mileage may vary.

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