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Re: Law & Order: Los Angeles given 13 episode pick-up, other L&O News

If this truly is the end of Lt. Van Buren, I hope they go with that idea someone suggested of moving Munch to the original series and putting him in charge. Munch in charge of something would be funny.

BTW, I know that, considering the high volume of new guest characters on every episode, recycling actors is inevitable. Still, I wish they wouldn't recast old Homicide regulars in new roles, since the shows are supposed to be set in the same universe. It was especially disturbing in an SVU rerun I saw recently where Zeljko Ivanekplayed a city councilman who was having a sexual relationship with his own daughter. It was especially awkward since this was one of the few SVU episodes that Munch was actually in. I kept expecting him to cry out, "Danvers, how could you?!?!"
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