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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Shaw - Thank you Shaw for the words of encouragement. I've been keeping up with your thread and it is quite the resource for all things TOS Enterprise

This project is meant as a recreation of the ship as seen on screen so I'm going to throw this (awful) joke out here: "Ask not what Jefferies meant it to be, but what the Thermians ended up building." Whenever possible, I'll try the designer's intent, but my goal is to recreate as closely as possible as what's been aired and in the empty spaces add my take to it whenever it doesn't run afoul of what has been shown.

On the turbolift and radiation issue - it might not be an issue given how close the turbolift would run next to warp core conduits in the neck of the TMP Enterprise...

@Mytran - D'oh! Of course 6 pads.

As far as volume taken up, I thought this might be an interesting comparison: the TOS shuttle vs the TOS primary hull with my interpretation (WIP!! ) of the impulse section.

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