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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

RAMA--In the Pale Moonlight is a demerit against Sisko, but very much an aberration. As far as his relationship with Bajor, and his faith, I do not think it is fair to hold his heritage, or what eventually becomes his religion, against him.

As to Picard, I do not agree about his sense of "morality and justice." He is good at being a stickler to regulations, but NOT very good about considering the lives that he is impacting...recognizing, in other words, situations where a form of civil disobedience is the only moral answer. This man has stood by and allowed WORLDS to be destroyed...and I'm not even talking about when he was Locutus of Borg. And again, I also find him intolerant and would be extremely distrustful of his ability to deal with a human with views different than his.
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