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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

I voted for Picard. probably because...

I can't really say anything about Pike, there's only that 1 ep with him. Neither have I seen enough Spock as the real captain (of course he did have the command from time to time).

i don't watch ENT

Janeway? No way. (not that I've seen much of her. But it was enough.)

It's hard to say about Sisko. I've seen only some episodes on DS9. I'd like to see more, but I can't...
I guess he's okay...

I like Kirk, but...I wouldn't want to be one of those security men on his ship... The others do stay alive, but...I don't know.

And if nothing else, Picard seems like you can trust him. Of course there's lot more, but I can't really come up with anything right's about 2am...
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