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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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Oh wow, this in one of the best threads I've read here in a long time... amazing work!

I love the design... I'll comment on it more tomorrow as I'm going to bed.

thanks man, have a good sleep.

Well here is the thing, while I am on this subject..

the trick here is to do the Tardis Design work and progressively show how the Time Lord engineers changed their ships over time.. what is the easy part is there is plenty of reference material and Time Lord architecture to visually assist me in that progress..

the thing about it is that as the first Tardis were created, they were very antique looking, almost ornate.. I get this from a variety of sources.. but to name a few off hand.. the cloister room of the "1996 Doctor Who movie", the alternate console room from "the Deadly Assasin" to name a few..

but as time goes on we see in the Rani's Tardis, the Type 70, that the AESTHETICS BEGIN TO CHANGE, AND that technology of the Tardis does as well..

by the time of the great time war, the Tardis ships are very advanced, and get smaller as they need less space for living quarters, as they aren't used for exploration, as they are for fighting..

though the first few Tardises I image were massive.. the ones Rassilon used to conquer unruly races..
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