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Re: How About A New Series Starring The Transporter Chief?

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No it won't.
Star Trek and scifi shows get much lower ratings than CSI. Period.
Thatīs why the chief will do a CSI crossover. He will beam up the team by mistake. The senior citizens watching CBS wonīt notice and will stick around.

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Your ideas may work for scenes within a fan film. I'm sorry I cannot see even story arcs in a Trek series 6 with even your series idea.
Well, there could be plenty of story arcs, but story arcs arenīt popular with the folks watching CBS. They want easy and fun instead of complex and boring.

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Even if only one set and the rest being green screen, there would have to be loads of visual effects = not cheap.
There wonīt be any effects except the beaming effect. CBS can always reuse it from one of the older shows. This idea is cost effective -- a Trek for the new decade.
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