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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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Wow. This is spectacular. I've been watching your creation evolve, and my opinion on this project has gradually gone from skepticism to outright amazement. You've done a fine job.

If no one has gotten to it by the time I've cleared out my slate, I'd like to take a stab at modeling this in 3D. It might be fun to collaborate with you on materials and colors, and the opportunity to visualize this in a variety of lighting environments will be exciting. Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time to tackle this right now ... but there are other talented modelers out there.

The nice thing about building it in 3D is that once you have a digital model, it'll be possible to print it out in a variety of materials. With care, one could even make it "some assembly required" and add wires and lights prior to final assembly.

I am humbled by your interest.. thank you so much..

as far as a 3D render?...

Dude! that would be awesome, if you had the time! If not, I would love to work with another 3D modeler on this..I am glad you like the new and more relevant look. if you think about it, the new look can fit both the new series and the classic as well. the top of the domes are like diamonds, and are divided into sections which can be jettisoned from the dome section, or can be jettisoned all together..

I have imagined the ship in a bronze and redish color like the citadel of the time lords and the colour of the space ship zenobia with white coloured domes, and silver structures surrounding the domes, with a bright blueish orbs at the base of the ship which twirl in energy like the classic enterprise, with the gyro armos spinning in opposite directions.. and the time sceptre emitter below the seal of rassilon which is open to a spiraling vortex of energy.. I can imagine some lights on the tops of the domes blinking.. and I think I need to do a close up of the observation towers which are located on top of the medium domes left and right of the main habitation deck section..the coral pillars beneath the tardis should be kinda like what the doctor has inside his ship.. i think that what seems reasonable to me, is that over time the ship fades from the bright white and gray colours of the classic series, and begins to discolour to the red look as the ship ages..

the interior as well.. it is like the tardis would update it's parameters via a connection to gallifrey.. Like a download link that keeps it looking white and circled inside.. but with gallifrey gone, the Tardis updates it's interior with materials it finds on earth.. and adapts the design to itself.. which is why the newer ship is different from the classic..

As far as the outside.. I like the idea that the ship is made form carbon nano fibers or tube technology.. it means the ship is lighter then any metal alloy we can create, and is as strong or stronger then diamonds, which are compressed carbon..Plus Carbon Nano technology means growing the material, verses metal molding..which fits the series definitions of the ship being grown..and sort of alive.

But yeah, I am glad you have followed my work, and I hope that I can get some 3D help to model this ship.. either way, I got more updated designs coming.. like the type 80, and the war Tardis.. plus I have this crazy design in mind for the sentient Tardis compassion and the sentient war Tardises after.. they have a sorta brain! it's pretty cool! all that coming soon..

But I have to upload the bottom side and the opposite side view next so you got a complete view of the ship and trust me, man, I would LOOOOOOOOVE! a freaking 3D model, or a real wood carved Model of this thing! man that would rock!
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