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How About A New Series Starring The Transporter Chief?

Here´s the idea:

We´ve never seen a show where the main charcter is the transporter chief on-board a Starfleet vessal.
Some great and fresh stories are:

The Transporter Pad
Bascially, a story how the transporter works filled with technobabble, great geeky characters like the transporter chief and the junior transporter chief. A gift to the true fans of Trek tech.

To Beam Or Not To Beam
The transporter chief wants to be promoted, but the captain says "No". The chief decides to have a beam-in (a sit-in in the future). Exciting moral dilemma, classic Trek. Will the Klingon ambassador have to wait or will he be on time for the meeting?

The Transporter Chief´s Day.
This is like the episode Data´s Day. We see what happens on a daily shift. This episode is like a reality TV show where you can follow him on the Internet after the actual show has finished.

The transporter chief falls in love with the cleaning lady. But since he´s a geek he´s scared shitless. Will the chief find true love or will he return to his main hobby: beam spotting (train spotting in the 24th century)?

Think about it. So much to beam up and down. There are almost infinite possibilities.

This series will be a ratings bonanza, because it will feature everything that made Trek great: tech, moral dilemmas, technobabble, great geeky characters. And finally, it will be very cheap since there will only be one set -- the transporter room.
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