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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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As for the impulse engines, as intriguing as that layout is, that's a helluva lot of room to be taking up.
Only by TNG standards...
Actually, by TOS standards.

The propulsion technology seen in TOS didn't require much space... either in the Enterprise or it's shuttlecraft. It is a shortcoming of later Trek that they didn't significantly advance over TOS technology (or in the case of the TOS movies, took a step backwards).

People often recon TOS to have larger equipment than the show's creators had intended because of the later Trek series and movies. I think there was more there than FJ had in his plans... but not by much.

blssdwlf, you have some interesting ideas and thank you for sharing them with us. But I do have one question... how does someone get from the primary hull to the secondary hull with your impulse engine configuration (and not get fried while doing so when the impulse engines are in operation)?

Best of luck with your project! I love following all attempts at figuring out the layout of the TOS Enterprise.
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