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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

I'm going to see the 70mm print at the Laemmle in June. I'll try to take a cellphone picture of the title, just so we can have documented visual evidence of the "II"-less title screen.

If anybody else is going, try to take a digital camera picture, too. (Since this is a one-time revival screening, I doubt the copyright police will be after our heads...)

Why did early prints and very early promotional materials not have the "II", anyway? One rumor I heard was that they wanted to disavow TMP; I don't know how true that is, since TMP wasn't truly a commercial failure even if it was a disappointment.

And conversely, why did they decide to add "II" to the title? It was early enough that all pre-release trailers and posters said "II". Would Nick Meyer know anything about this?

I wonder, did *only* 70mm prints lack the "II"? There are, after all, other cases of initial 70mm prints of films being different from the 35mm run (the 70mm prints of The Empire Strikes Back were quite different from the more "final" 35mm version, for example).

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