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The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

As many of you have known, I recently have been working on the conundrum of how to render the Tardis as it exists within it's own dimension.. as we have seen I have updated this site with many images, and my work as it has progressed over time.

After taking some time off, and re-evaluating my work, and researching the aesthetics of the Doctor who show, both old, and new.. and adding in descriptions from the writers of the spin-off material like the Lungborrow books, and Marc Platt's Work..

Still the Overall look and feel of the Tardis as seen in various glimpses of rooms like that of the cloister room, and the Space Station Zenobia, as well as the Time Lord Citadel as seen in the "End of Time" special. Each of these tremendously informative and aesthetically rich sources of material has finally led me to the conclusion I have brought you today.

Needless to say, that those of you who are interested enough to read my little diatribe before taking a gander at the image below, are much appreciated. Thank you for reading this first..

Now what you are about to view Below is the end all be all of the Tardis Designs I have worked on, and to separate this thread from the previous Realization thread is necessary, this design is very much a full notch above anything I have ever produced thus far, and to make it much more apparent that this thread is much different It just made sense to do a new one, and move forward with this as the final design..

So if you want to read through what the Tardis is and how we got here then follow this link to the old thread:

This is the final Design for the Tardis From Doctor Who.

What you see is the Top view of the ship and the side view, as well as the default shell, and the mode the Doctor Travels with this ship in..

The Tardis is a Unique and Powerful Ship. The Reason the tardis Exists is because it is a ship that can sustain itself in an artificially created reality.

Rassilon, Omega, and a figure only known as the "Other" created the Eye of Harmony, the immense power source that allows Time Travel to Be Possible. The Singularity at the center of an Artificially created Black Hole was captured and secured on Gallifrey. Using this Singularity the Time Lord Technicians used the Singularity to Punch a hole in Time and Space, to create a mini artificial universe, in which they grew a Tardis base structure..

This Structure was then Modified using technology to create a ship, with engines, and a central Control console. A Time Lord whose Genetic structure was also tied to the ship and the generated energy known as "Artron" was given the ability to regenerate 13 times..

Artron Energy is the combined Hyper Reaction of Tachyons, Graviton, and Chroniton Particles smashed at a super speed, and the resulting power produced is the Artron energy.. Matter, Time, and Gravitational forces coming together. the Tardis is able to live off these particles and produce its own life energy..

The Dynamorphic Generators at the Base of the Ship bends space. The Tardis isn't teleported as it is simply dematerialized and Rematerialized.. Let me explain how that works and why it is different, this is due to the fact that the Time Scepter which is open to the time vortex and regular space, and Dynamorphic Generators is bending Space and OUR reality around the artificial Reality in which the Tardis exists.. so as this happens it looks as if the ship is being teleported, when the reality is, that the space warping around it, dematerializes and re-materializes it in a new area.. (As the Space Warps around the Tardis BOX, if you were watching it, you would see it disappear as the engines roar, then when it stops its bending of space it comes into being as the engines wind down. Essentially the Tardis moves into subspace and then back to Normal space thus dematerializing from normal space into a subspace realm, and re-materializing from subspace into normal space, and if you do this and allow specific objects in, you can re-materialize the Tardis around an object thereby allowing it or the object into the ship itself and Vice Verse. ) This has to be done by specific spacial vectoring to make sure it ends up in the console room..the computations for this are done from the tardis console.

Since the Exterior of the Tardis in our Normal Space is an Energy field that is turned into matter, much the same way that in Star Trek they use the Transporters to convert matter to energy and back or the Holo-deck projector, the Tardis is just able to use the matter energy construct of its Chameleon Circuits to form an object that matches it's surroundings or the Time Lord's Preference. In the case of the Doctor's Tardis, the Circuit is busted, resulting in a permanent matter construct in the from of a 1950's, Blue, Police call box.

The Time Scepter can also make the Tardis fly in conventional space, as seen in the episode "the Run Away Bride" By bending space around the reality at a constant.. and slower pace, this takes a lot of energy and control by the operator to maintain, whereas just traveling vast distances does as well, but in a different manner, which may seem easier to the Tardis operator since the movement doesn't have to be as to fly the tardis like a hovering jet or car.

since the Tardis Interior is existent in its own Reality it can access parts of space and time through the hole that is kept open by the artificial singularity on board the Tardis. The Artificial Singularity is charged by the Original Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey.

As the Tardis Spins it creates its own gravity and as it draws energy from the vortex, it feeds those particles into the ship via particle collectors on the ships edge. The energy by product is Artron, the particles that are spent are expelled through the pillars of Destiny and then they create a cloud and that cloud flows downward to the base and is then re-energized by the Vortex and sent upward to the particle collectors, an the cycle is repeated over and over again..

THE TARDIS IS RELATIVE TO THE OUTER DOOR AS THE DOOR IS RELATIVE TO THE TARDIS WITHIN. THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME.. what happens to the exterior of the Tardis affects the inner Mini Artificial universe and vice verse.. this is also how the mini universe can exist within a small blue box. The ship, the reality, the particles are the same as the Police Box.

In mathematics the fourth dimension, or a four-dimensional ("4D") space, is an abstract concept, obtained by taking the rules of our three-dimensional space and generalizing them to a space with one more dimension. It has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for almost two hundred years, both for its own interest and for the insights it offered into mathematics and related fields.
Algebraically it is generated by applying the rules of vectors and coordinate geometry to a space with four dimensions. In particular a vector with four elements (a 4-tuple) can be used to represent a position in four-dimensional space. The space is a Euclidean space, so has a metric and nrom, and so all directions are treated as the same: the additional dimension is indistinguishable from the other three.
The fourth dimension in this space was sometimes interpreted as time, but this is no longer done in modern physics. In the last century spacetime was developed, which unifies space and time but with a different metric so the time dimension is treated differently from Euclidean space. The resulting space is a Minkowski Space and is usually studied separately from the space described here.

The Fourth Dimension has long been thought of to be the dimension of relative time, however modern Science fiction defines a 4TH Dimension as a separate artificially or naturally created Reality, which exists at the same time as ours.. but the laws of physics are subjective and the space this dimension occupies is relative to a point of space in this reality.

Here is a big size of the image:

More to come soon, the bottom view and an alternate side view, and the Master's Type 45 Tardis which is a modified version of the Type 40. Plus I shall also update this thread with a new Tardis Tool Sheet, so you guys can make your own.

Note: You can't really tell from the image, but, if you look just below the columns, you see the Dynamorphic Generators (similar to warp nacelles) at the bottom of the Generator, there is an orb with a 4 bar arch over it, these arches rotate in opposite directions kinda like a Gyro.. as the entire ship rotates in a clockwise direction..

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