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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

BK613's thoughts on an asymmetrical arrangement is something similar to what I initially had in mind, although it's good to know that it exists in real life too. I'm keen on getting some real-life parallels into my Enterprise. When I first drew up the twin Engine Room plan my primary goal was to reconcile the Tubes Section, since they are off centre from the circular corridor. Duplicating them seemed a viable solution, and I thought that the secondary Engine Room I'd created (aside from monitoring the Tubes) could be something to do with engineering support (fabrication, computers etc).
But it has to be said, I do like blssdwlf's double setup!

blssdwlf - Regarding the Transport "circuit", I think the limitation on how many people to reconstruct is not a safety one, it's purely practical; there's only 6 pads!
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