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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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You guys are right, I'm sorry for flying off the handle like that. What I should have said was when it comes to the Borg, there is no negotiation. If you thought you had a sure way to get rid of a dangerous enemy, would you not use it? Picard is indirectly responsible for the death or assimilation of billions. The Borg are not a race. Even if they were, they are wrong to assimilate people against their will. By refusing to use the weapon on the Borg, billions were assimilated when they could have been saved from a fate that is, at least to Picard himself, worse than death. You all may have vehemently objected to my nuclear solution a while ago, but how ethical would it be to sit idly by and let the Borg continue assimilating people against their will?
Fair enough and good question.

I wouldn't sit idly by and let them get away with assimilating people against their will, that would of course be unjust..... but at the same time I couldn't allow myself to take an action that would wipe out the entire borg at the cost of the lives of so many assimilated people.

With examples like Picard, Seven of Nine, Hugh and his buddies, the borg children in Voyager they took aboard, and the community Chakotay stumbled upon whom all were disconnected from the collective and not only became individuals again, but also many of them were capable of carrying on with their lives...... there's just too much compelling evidence for me to turn a blind eye and allow every other borg to die to save my own skin.

I wouldn't use the Paradox virus, but I'd use all my abilities and resources to find a way to wipe out the collective itself in order to not only free all the assimilated people, but also remove the collective goal of assimilation itself.

If everybody is separated and have their own free minds to think and do as they please like the people Chakotay came across, then you remove the one large threat to us that every borg currently has in common.... then they're no more of a threat then say Klingons or Romulans.... and many would probably head back to their home worlds or seek out other goals.

Now of course that may not ensure no other threats from the Borg may exist in the future, but the future isn't really known, and since we'd never know what possible threats might come from the Klingons, Romulans, Dominion, Cardassians, etc. in the future, I think it'd be a fair trade off.

Of course Picard called being assimilated being worse then death, however, Seven of Nine thought it was perfection for the longest time. Now she was assimilated at a young age, which could have altered her view of being a Borg, but most others who were freed from the Borg eventually gained their memory and individuality back and learned to carry on with their lives, meanwhile still hating the fact that they were assimilated in the first place, thus since the majority of assimilated people would probably feel the same way, I'd be obligated in trying to free as many other borg as possible and prevent more from being assimilated in the future.... the key would be to destroy the collective itself.... not those who are borg.

This goal is of course much more complicated, but not impossible and based on my own principles, it'd be the right thing to do.
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