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Re: Why did spock end up in the alternate universe??

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Why wouldn't Spock at least try to return to the prime universe?
Even if he slingshots forward in time, he'll be in the future of a timeline where Kirk's father died on the day of his birth.
Okay, Spock slingshots backwards (in a ship other that the Mega-prise) to a point before Nero arrives when the two universes are still one. Then Spock slingshots forward into the future of the prime universe (his universe) to a point immediately after he left the future, Where the universe branches, he moves into the correct branch.

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T'Girl, what use is Spock in the Prime universe now? Romulus is gone, and his unification mission has failed.
And the entire Romulan Empire is in disarray. Ambassador Spock would have been the primary interface between the Federation and the (former) Empire. Spock was the one who put himself out there to save Romulus while the government of the Empire stood around with their thumbs up their asses. If his unification efforts were well known to the people of the Empire he would be a trusted face in their media. Spock wanted to unite the Vulcaniod PEOPLE. Because of his beliefs in unification, Spock could have felt that the destruction of Romulus increased the likelihood of unification in his prime universe, not decreased it. Unification in the prime universe was Spock's life's work.

Would he casually abandon it?
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