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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

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I see it as a netbook, but without the convenience of being able to do what regular computers do. It seems to mainly focus on videos, books, games, and a crippled internet experience. I'd get it if I traveled more, but I'm happy with my computer and netbook.
I sold my netbook after 6 months. I had the Dell Mini-9. Sure, because it runs XP it can do anything a regular laptop could do... but not well. Those cramped keyboards are too small to type properly, but too big to thumb type. Netflix and youtube would cause it to overheat and freeze up, so no videos for me. also, since you'd have to hold the screen a foot from your face to make anything out on a 9 inch screen, I could never get physically comfortable using it. The only games I could install (which had to be done through an external disc drive, which is a major pain-in-the-ass) were pretty old... like Starcraft. Oh, and lets not forget that it only had a 3 hour battery life, so it was tethered to a damn power source.

For what I actually used it for and would have liked to use it for? I'd have been much happier waiting a year and buying iPad for the same money.

I'm waiting for the next generation hardware, which will hopefully have the front-facing camera iPhone HD is getting in June; and, again hopefully, start at 16GB for the $500, as opposed to the offensively small 8GB you get now. Those changes, teamed up with the multitasking from OS4.0 = ultimate portable machine for my needs.
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