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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

James T. Motherf'in' Kirk. Check his birth certificate, that's his actual name.

Seriously, though, Nerys, sexist? Sounds like you're buying into the silly stereotype of Kirk as the guy who bedded thousands of green aliens in a three year show. Where's the actual evidence? "I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is Enterprise." That guy was all duty. There are only three episodes that I can think of that even broach the topic of relations between him and his crew - Dagger of the Mind and Mirror, Mirror. In DOTM, he's not pursuing the leading lass, it's her mechanizations that put him under the influence of the mind control ray, and even in the end, he overcomes the brainwashing of his own accord and willpower without having to rely on a plot device to free him of the ravages of the Neural Neutralizer. In the other episode, Kirk jokes that he thinks that he and (normal universe) Marlena 'could be friends', which more of a sly reference to what happened in the mirror universe than a statement of actual intent.

The third episode is the one I quoted above, The Naked Time - Kirk's got something of a fancy for Janice Rand, it seems, but it's immediately tempered by his sense of duty. 'No hand to hold, no beach to walk on...' etc. The show specifically demonstrates that Kirk's attraction to females under his command is nullified by his role as Captain, and I find it hard to label him as sexist given the clear evidence otherwise. He certainly wasn't afraid to assign landing party duties to females alongside the male crewmembers, even if they occassionally got turned into giant sugar cubes and crushed in an alien fist.
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