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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

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Yeah, his emotional state can be used as an excuse for much of the aberrant behaviour we see but if we let them go down that road we might end up with Spock acting like a jerk all the time - I fear that future...
I think we won't be seeing that future. In an interview* months before the movie was released--almost a year, as it turned out--Quinto was quoted as saying something along the lines of "in this story, we see Spock at a time when he is not in control of his balance". That suggests to me that emotionally-compromised Spock will have been a one-movie thing, though there could still be echoes of that figuring in a subsequent story and though we may very likely see him following the advice of Old Spock and allowing things other than logic alone to guide his actions.


Here's a link to a TrekMovie item containing excerpts from that interview, as well as a link to the entire MTV interview from which the excerpts were taken.
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