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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

Sisko, easily. With very few incidents to the contrary, I trust him to exercise good judgment in placing and developing his personnel, and I trust him above any of the other commanders to make wise decisions when it comes to crunch time--might he be intimidating to some? Yes, but I would have confidence in him. Plus, it's not like Sisko is without diplomatic cred--his balancing act as Emissary more than proves he's capable of handling it. He can speak softly when he needs to, but there's no doubt he's carrying a big stick and he's not afraid to use it. He is, in fact, the only Starfleet captain on that list I know for sure I would willingly serve under.

(Trek XI Pike, however...if I saw more from him, I think he might be a good possibility as well, but I haven't yet seen enough from him to be AS sure as I am with Sisko.)

Picard I would not trust to handle a crisis situation, or not to abandon me for some political purpose. I also do not trust that Picard would be able to accept me as I am, which is a member of his own species but with very different beliefs and opinions than his. Nor could I ever trust him. On both sides, I do not believe the working relationship would be a very successful one.

Kirk--I cannot respect him, thanks to the way he treats women. I would never know if I was getting a fair performance appraisal or appropriate mission assignments, thanks to his wandering eye. He was a man of action, yes, but not as tempered as Sisko, and sometimes downright reckless and did not seem to have much regard for the lives under his command. (Whereas we see that Sisko was VERY much tormented by that, and did not take his subordinates' lives lightly.)

Janeway and Archer...I do not trust either one's decision-making capacity sufficiently, or their ability to see past their whims in the moment. Someone that wildly inconsistent would scare the hell out of me.
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