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Re: Which Captain Would you like to Serve Under?

I just realized Maj, technically Riker could be a candidate too, since he was made a captain in the movie.

I think he has the same command presence as the others - seems relaxed and approachable too.

But the main thing with TNG, is that the authority figures on there don't really seem accessible to lower ranking crew members.

They seem a little more colder and stick within their inner group more.

Picard, Geordi and even Riker would act annoyed or distant when interacting with some crew members, in certain episodes.

Only in some episodes, most of the time they seem easy going.

Sisko playing baseball or hanging out at with the other crew members, or being one of Worf's best men, is what sealed it -if Picard did something like that, I might have edged towards him.

Janeway was the same way, but I didn't get quite enough info from her to make her first on the list.

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