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Re: Where's all the TREK EBOOKS at?

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It's everyone's fight. It's the fight to have reasonable prices.
And I say the prices ARE reasonable.

Do you care about helping drive the prices up or do you care about helping to bring the prices down?
Neither one. I care about BUYING THE BOOKS. Their prices are reasonable TO ME. So I WILL BUY THEM.

I could not give less of a crap about the 'agency model' or anything like that. If I thought the prices were too high, I wouldn't buy them, but I think the prices are reasonable, so I will. So there.

You think I want Apple to tank? Hell no! They're just what I need! I get everything from them - computers, music, books, the whole thing. They serve my needs. Why would I have a problem with them?
Why can't you read what I write? I'm not advocating Apple tank as a company. I'm advocating that Apple selling eBooks via iBooks tanks. Most people who know about the agency model wants it to go away.

The prices are not all that reasonable as they are fixed and stores are not allowed to give discount or have sales. So while I can get a $7.99 Trek paperback for 25 - 40% off via Borders coupons, I cannot get anything off of a Trek eBook. So what we are doing is paying more for eBooks then we are for paperbooks.
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