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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Quite right, and funny you should mention that.

Last night, after we hoisted the Security and Tactical stations into place, we were looking at that 8" clearing above the piece and trying to figure if we wanted to do anything with it. We're even considering using 80# white, gray or black cardstock cut into 12" strips and securing it to the ceiling and top of the station. We're also going to be adding an individual accent light over each station to better illuminate the actors on what's going to be a dark set.

One of the reasons we added the scrap board underneath the stations (seen in the picture of the science station) was because when we did some test shots from the forward walkway, over the navigator's station and shoulder, you could see the peach-colored planking from the carport.

Tonight, we're taking a close look at the sides of the panels as well to see if we need to add a plywood panel there. Suggestions would be most welcome!
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