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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

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that's an issue why didn't she not do her job properly Prime Uhura was much better
It's evidence why their are often regulations about senior staff having relationships with juniors in the same posting. However, if Uhura is as smart as her TOS counterpart she would have a better understanding of Spock than anybody else on the ship. He's in charge and could be affected by his emotions; in some ways she is the best qualified to check him out and this is actually what she is doing here. I think it's why she stands idly by when Kirk provokes him later, because deep down she knows he isn't thinking his options through logically. I have less of an issue with her behaviour here than I do with the way she was portrayed in the Transporter Room.

Whatever they do with the relationship in the next movie I really hope they leave it in the bedroom. The more it interferes with their decision-making while on duty the more we have to wonder why one of them isn't transferred!
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