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Re: Season titles for Farscape

coolghoul: I looked at episode blurbs for all four seasons of Farscape, and picked my season titles because of the arcs and themes that jumped out at me based on those blurbs. I was also relying, for Season 1, on my firsthand knowledge and remembrance of the episodes from that season that I had actually been able to see. For Season 2, I picked 'The Ugly Truth' because, in reading the episode blurbs for the season, the 'theme' that jumped out at me was revelation and the uncovering of information, and 'The Ugly Truth' was the only title from S2 that really fit that theme. For Season 4, the 'themes' that jumped out at me were confrontation and epiphany, and, of the various titles of the season, 'What Was Lost' struck me as being the most appropriate reflection of those themes.

Once again going beyond just discussing Farscape, though, I wanted to share my thoughts on season titles for Buffy and ANGEL the same way lvsxy808 did.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 1: Welcome to the Hellmouth
Season 2: Innocence
Season 3: Revelations
Season 4: The Initiative
Season 5: The Gift
Season 6: Normal Again
Season 7: Chosen
Season 8: The Long Way Home

Season 1: Hero
Season 2: Redefinition
Season 3: Offspring
Season 4: Shiny Happy People (alternate title: Home)
Season 5: Why We Fight
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