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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Why not? If we did so, we would have been out of there by now. You should never go half-assed in war, you either use all your might or you don't fight at all. Terror must be fought with terror, anything that threatens your existence must be wiped out completely and without mercy. To not do so is the height of stupidity.
Terror must be fought with Terror huh?

If that's the case, then what principles and way of life are you defending.... and... exactly what makes you any different then those you finger point as the "Evil Doers?"

Answer: Nothing.... you'd be just as bad.... actually if you used nukes and wiped out everybody there without discretion, you'd be worse.

And I'm sure all the neighboring nations dealing with the fallout would be happy with the US.... like Pakistan and India, whom have Nukes too.... I'm sure China would be pleased, and I'm sure Russia wouldn't be impressed.

In fact, you could kiss all your allies goodbye and be all on your own.... and chances are the US would eventually be turned to glass too by one or more of the above nations.

Great plan.... I can see many of the messages in Star Trek have translated so well with some in the US.

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Technically, the Borg are not genocidal...assimilated species are recoverable...killing all Borg is genocidal.

Exactly..... and since assimilated people into the Borg don't actually die in the process, who's to say it wouldn't be the next evolutionary step?

Then all alien races would be in perfect harmony and all working for the same cause.
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