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Re: Where's all the TREK EBOOKS at?

It's everyone's fight. It's the fight to have reasonable prices. I'm not saying iBooks is a problem to use. The problem is that Apple allowed the agency model which raised the price of Star Trek eBooks. What we want is to have Apple tank when it comes to selling these agency modeled eBooks so maybe they'll stop and prices can go back down. iBooks allows the use of ePub eBooks that do not have DRM.

Stripping the DRM for your own personal use does not make you a pirate. You are not giving them away/uploading to the net. It's called fair use which is what you'd be exercising. Then you could have those eBooks usable for more then just the iPad long after the iPad was history.

Do you care about helping drive the prices up or do you care about helping to bring the prices down?
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