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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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"Intending to be an accessory and actually doing it"
RAMA, Picard intended to do it and DID IT. This was NOT just a thought, it was materialized in his actions, RAMA.
He refused to help then, even though he was certain he could have:
'If you see a killer murdering a classroom full of children and you are certain you can stop this killer with no risk to yourself, and yet you don't lift a finger, just watching the scene, YOU ARE IN PART RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILDREN'S DEATH, BECAUSE YOU COULD PREVENT IT AND YOU DIDN'T! You are monstruous!'

'About saving drones:
It was proven theoretically possible.
Practically, it is impossible. When Starfleet is able to save BILLIONS of drones, then it would be possible.
Starfleet trying to stop the borg by saving drones will end in the federatioin being assimilated. Facing the borg and prevailing is already nearly impossible; facing them when encumbered by such a severe limitation will only end in your death.

And since you argue that Starfleet can't touch the borg because they can be saved, then you argue that starfleet had no right to touch a single jem'hadar during the dominion war - like the technologically conditioned drones, the jem'hadar were biologically conditioned, they also had no choice. Yes?'

Obviously in a war, you accept morally that you have to kill to a certain extent...I would have no problem killing a large number of Borg, if there would be some sort of outcome that would also eventually help the assimilated races of the Borg. I can't accept that you have no rules in war...that would lead down a very dark path..

I have no rules in war? What are you talking about?

The closest analogy we have for the borg is that of an enemy army on a continuing genocidal conquest.
Using the paradox against the borg is allowed by the rules of war. Indeed, considering the number of lives saved - the chances are very high the borg will assimilate the ENTIRE Milky Way in ~10000 years (give or take) using the paradox would be one of the least questionable decisions in war.

Technically, the Borg are not genocidal...assimilated species are recoverable...killing all Borg is genocidal.

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